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Our Latest Blog Entry

April, 02,2021

     I was in my late teens and early twenties when I did a little modeling. I never considered myself to be a "hunk;" hey, we all have thought I could have been a model. I thought of myself as a handsome guy in my Easter Suit. Okay, I was ten years old but I felt handsome. The rest of the time I dressed causal; jeans and loafers with a basic shirt. We all like to look our best. I am sure you are like me we all step up our game on date night. However this does not mean we will look good through the camera lens.

      Fresh Start Modeling Agency LLC wants you to realize your dream. Glamour Shots seem to to over do the make-up sometimes. Let's make your everyday look work for you. Ooops, she says I forgot my coffee stained teeth. Have fun and let's see what works. Have you tried an Ulta Beauty make-up session? Whitening strips for the coffee stains. Could I photograph the stages of whitening for a product testimonial? Okay, lets try again after the six week treatment. I want to get you your best photograph. How does that sound? 

Our Second Blog Entry

April, 17, 2021

     I am at this time the eyes of Fresh Start Modeling Agency LLC. I am also unlike any fashion photographer you will meet today. Fresh Start implies a beginning or to restart. I like the name Fresh Start Modeling Agency LLC because it gives the model a way to re-enter the dream of being a model. How many of you have felt comfortable wearing a new style or fashion. Only to say no to a photograph; I am not a model. I am not even vain enough to think I need to be photographed. 

     Women and men not knowing fashion isn't just a face or a body; it is a style or trend. This is the reason I use candid photographs. I really do not photograph well. Wait I just said I liked candid's of myself in my last blog post. I have also learned I photograph better without hair than I do with hair (Ha ha, I am balding). So I see a face or style I like; it is my personal likes or dislikes. I once asked Cindy Crawford to do the wet hair arc. Dip the hair in the pool and throw the hair back. She dipped and rose out of the water. Great; now could you make the arc. She smiled and repeated the process. I was told by Cindy Crawford this works. I have done this pose twenty times. Wet Mohawk? Has any one done that before? It just looks like a Mohawk. Now the camera position is important. We learned a few things about the shot that evening and tried on another day. I believe Nigel got that shot covered. I missed the boat on that one.    

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Our First Blog Entry

April, 17, 2021


     A powderboy or powder monkey manned naval artillery guns as a member of a warship's crew, primarily during the age of sail. His chief role was to ferry gunpowder from the powder magazine in the ship's hold to the artillery pieces, either in bulk or as cartridges, to minimize the risk of fires and explosions.    

     Explosions of color is how Fresh Start Modeling Agency LLC is using the term or name. The "Powder Monkey" at the cosmetic table has loaded a cartridge of color that is sure to bring forth her beauty. etc.....  

  OUR Latest Blog Entry

April, 29, 2021

                                                       Equine Wears

 It was a little over fifteen years ago and when I took the family to Kentucky Horse Park. I had two no three Super Models with us. Kaia Gerber was maybe four years old. We were at the horse park to see how the fashions of the horse park were being displayed and to see what was trending. Kathy Ireland was interested in maybe starting a line of equine clothing. Ha ha, I saw a older youngman standing in the water at the dubarry display this year. I think he was nine years old or so then. "Ladies tweed is so over." "Cindy, this is equine fashion. I know but tweed." On a cold day tweed is a must on damp days it dries fast and.... Do you have anything else for cold wet weather. "Over here ladies". It was Hound and Hare. Wait there's more. Boy, those two are going to kill me.     

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